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The raw material to make biodiesel

     What's the raw material to make biodiesel?

    Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel which can replace petrochemical diesel oil by transesterification process, which is made from oil crops,wild oil plants,engineering microalgae and other aquatic vegetable oils as well as animal oils, restaurant waste oils and other raw oils.Biodiesel is a new type of clean biomass energy.The production process we use can handle most of the raw materials in the current market,


    01Vegetable oil,animal fat or mixture of animal and vegetable oils (processed or unprocessed)

    02Used cooking oil (Recovered fried oil or vegetable oil,waste edible oil)

    03Palm oil (non-edible or industrial palm oil)

    04The highest content of free fatty acid is 70% in acidified oil or acidified fat.

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