Slaughter House Waste Oil Biodiesel Making Machine

    Process Brief Introduction

    Feedstock is reacted with methanol using a hydroxide catalyst in a single-stage process yielding fatty acid methyl esters. After removal of excess methanol, the crude methyl ester is settled to remove the co-product glycerol. Following sedimentation, the ester is vacuum distilled, which removes catalyst residues, free glycerin, and other undesirable products soluble in the ester. After distillation, biodiesel is discharged to storage.

    Process advantages

    1)  Multi-Feedstock Flexibility

    2) Biodiesel of the highest quality

    3) Simple process management

    4) Low operating costs

    Basic technic index:

    1.Acid & alkali of water-solubility:  Nothing

    2.Sulfur content% ≤0.05

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