• pretreatment&pressing
  • extraction
  • refineing

Palm oil pressing workshop

    Deep pressing of palm fruit
    Palm oil is obtained by pressing fresh palm fruit. The quality of crude palm oil depends on the completeness of the bundles.Once the bundles are damaged, the crude palm oil will deteriorate rapidly, which will affect the quality of crude palm oil. The main products of palm fruit pressing plant are crude palm oil and palm kernels.The processing capacity is about 60 to 100 tons of palm fruit bundles per hour.
    For the crude palm oil, it is generally throug sterilization,threshing,cooking,pressing,washing,purification, drying and other processes.
    For palm kernels, after crushing and separating, the process includes separation of core/fiber,conditioning of core, crushing of core, separation of kernels and drying of palm kernels. Dry palm kernels are sold to palm kernels mills to extract palm kernels oil.
    Palm oil pressing workshop

    01 Pretreatment & pressing

    02 Extraction

    03 Refining

    04 Filling line & oil tanks

    Performance characteristics
    01 Installation and transportation is fast and convenient,simple installation can be used
    02 Simple operation and control,low labor intensity
    03 Strong structure
    04 Integrated switch ON/OFF
    05 Uitra-long service life of fine filter element, effectively remove salt,soap, glycerin and other organic matter from biodiesel crude oil.


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