BIODIESEL: As a real green energy

    BIODIESEL:As a real green energy

    The excellent performance of biodiesel makes the exhaust emission index of engine using biodiesel meet not only the current Euro Ⅱstandard, but also the more stringent Euro emission standard to be promulgated and implemented in Europe.

    Moreover,the carbon dioxide emitted by biodiesel combustion is much lower than that absorbed by the plant during its growth,thus improving the global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions,which is a major environmental problem harmful to human beings.So biodiesel is a real green diesel. 



     Compared with conventional diesel,biodiesel has the following incomparable performance

    01Good starting performance of cryogenic engine.

    The cold filter point without additives is-20 C.

    02Good ludrication performance.

    The wear rate of fuel injection pump,engine cylinder block and connecting rod is low and the service life is long.

    03Excellent environmental protection characteristics.

    The main manifestation is that the low sulfur content in biodiesel reduces the emissions of sulfur dioxide and sulfide by about 30%(70% with catalyst),biodiesel does not contain aromatic alkanes which can pollute the environment,so the harm of exhaust gas to human body is lower than that of diesel.The results showed that biodiesel could reduce 90% of the air toxicity and 94% of the cancer incidence compared with ordinary diesel oil. Because of its high oxygen content,biodiesel had less smoke emission,and carboon monoxide emission was reduced by about 10%compared with diesel oil (95% with catalyst):biodiesel had high biodegradability.

    04Good safety performance.

    Biodiesel is not a dangerous product because of its high flash point.Therefore,the safety of transporta-tion, storage and use is obvious.

    05Good fuel performance.

    The high cetane number makes the combustion performance better than diesel oil,and the combustion residue is slightly acidic,which prolongs the service life of catalyst and engine oil.

    06Can be added and used directly

    Without changing the diesel engine,it can be directly added and used without additional refueling equipment,storage equipment and special technical training of personnel.

    07Renewable performance.

    As a renewable energy,unlike oil reserves,its supply will not be exhausted through the efforts of agricultur-al and biological scientists.

    08Mixed use

    The blending of biodiesel and petrochemical diesel in a certain proportion can reduce fuel consumption,improve power performance and reduce tail gas pollution.

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